Pet dana će se raspravljati o fuzijskoj tehnologij

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Pet dana će se raspravljati o fuzijskoj tehnologij

Iz teksta:
"Također, kroz partnerstvo IRB-a sa španjolskim CIEMAT-om zalažemo se za izgradnju DONES-a, kao važne prekretnice prema realizaciji fuzijske elektrane DEMO."

Iz jednog drugog teksta:
"The aim of DONES is to enable the study of the resistance of fusion materials under intense neutron radiation. This 550 million euro worth device, together with its related device - AFNS in Japan, will be built in co-operation between the EU and Japan, while the main EU partners are Spain and Croatia. Therefore, this workshop was a great opportunity for our colleagues from Spain to present the best possible opportunities for cooperation with the RBI and other partners in Croatia, "said Dr Tonči Tadić from the Ruđer Bošković Institute and a representative of Croatia in the Governing Board of the Fusion for Energy..."

Dakle, uvalit će nam da istražujemo otpornost materijala na neutronsko zračenje.
Za nuklearne stručnjake na ovom forumu, to znači:
"Bombardment by fusion neutrons knocks atoms out of their structural positions while making them radioactive and weakening the structure, which must be replaced periodically. This results in huge masses of highly radioactive material that must eventually be transported offsite for burial. Many non-structural components inside the reaction vessel and in the blanket will also become highly radioactive by neutron activation. While the radioactivity level per kilogram of waste would be much smaller than for fission-reactor wastes, the volume and mass of wastes would be many times larger. What’s more, some of the radiation damage and production of radioactive waste is incurred to no end, because a proportion of the fusion power is generated solely to offset the irreducible on-site power drains."

Svakoga dana u svakome pogledu sve više napredujemo. 

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